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Get rewards for buying groceries, going on holiday, insuring your car and for many more of those everyday spends.

Spend wisely and lots of little spends can add up to big rewards, savings and points!

Loyalty programs have been around for a good number of years now and as this marketing tool matures, consumers are getting better and better rewards in return for their continued custom. Retailers have often been criticised for giving consumers relatively low value rewards and making it hard to collect enough points to get worthwhile rewards. With the success of the Tesco Clubcard program, other retailers have started to see the potential of greater customer insights and adding better value where it counts most. Along with the fact that the retail world is constantly changing and retailers need to find more and better ways to reach out to consumers, they are also very aware of the fact that without added value offerings consumers can quickly change to rivals.

Most retailers find that the interaction with customers outside of the traditional retail environment is one of the bigger advantages of the loyalty schemes, it also helps them build a stronger brand. With a lot of the perceived advantages of these schemes balancing in the direction of the retailer, how can we, as consumers get the best value for our loyalty pounds?

Frankly, we’d all love to get a little bit more for our pound and it does feel good to get a free flight or a few free movie tickets. So, how can you maximise your rewards without going out of your way or drastically changing your shopping habits? Both Tesco and Nectar believe they have the answer. They have very different structures but both insist that they have a more comprehensive product offering with which to gain those all important points. For example, when you go to Tesco to do your grocery shopping, you might also top up your airtime, pay your car insurance and get even more points when you use your Clubcard Credit Card to pay for your fuel. They have a very diverse product offering and have integrated their loyalty scheme very tightly so that you feel you’re getting rewarded every time you go near one of their stores. Nectar has taken a different approach and have affiliated with a number of retailers that you can collect points with as long as you carry your Nectar card. You can now collect points on purchases from eBay to BP.  Boots, WH Smith and more recently, Costa Coffee among others have started in house loyalty schemes.

Have a look around we’ll be putting up info, tips and specials as well as rewards related to loyalty schemes.

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