A lot of people aren’t too familiar with the term ‘Discount Club’ since they are relatively new to the market, but they are already extremely popular with a lot of people around the UK. One of the most popular types of discount clubs that there is at the moment is Groupon. It’s hard to believe that Groupon only started back in 2008 and it’s not far off from being a household name already. As we all know, businesses all over the world are finding it harder and harder each year to make a profit (or even just to break even) and that’s why more businesses are deciding to use discount clubs to reach out to customers. There are benefits for the company (such as advertising, new customers, etc.) as well as a number of benefits for the consumer- it’s really a win-win situation! We’re going to take a look at the benefits to consumers and why consumers should use discount clubs:

  • Massive Discounts. The main reason why people check out Groupon and other similar sites is to see if they can find a good bargain. Everything that is listed on the site is already at a reduced price, but some things are obviously better value than others. Every now and again people can get 60%+ off the price of goods or services which is one of the main reasons why some many people go on these types of sites on a regular basis- so that they don’t miss out on a bargain!
  • Find New Goods/Services. Most of these discount clubs have new goods or services on the site every single day of the week, so you’ll have a lot of things to choose from. These types of sites aren’t great if you’re looking for a particular product or service but if you really don’t know what to buy we’d recommend that you visit a few of these sites and you might get an idea from them (as well as a bargain). Discount club sites usually offer random products and services all the time although there are certain things that are nearly always on the site such as hotel nights and holidays.
  • Find Things To Do In Your Area. Nearly all discount clubs give you the option to select the city or town that’s closest to you so that they can show you some of the best deals that are not too far away from you. This is really great if you’ve always wanted to see what things there are to do in your area but never got around to doing them because of high prices. With sites like these you’ll be getting a big discount off the normal price so it makes it a lot more affordable and opens you up to new experiences and, who knows, you might find a great little place to spend some time in the future while you’re at it!

That’s just some of the benefits of using discount clubs. A lot of people haven’t dealt with any discount clubs but we think that they’re going to be the next big thing when it comes to saving money on goods and services. So, why not have a look around the discount clubs that we have on Clubcard.info and get some of those great discounts!

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