With more and more people having less money to spend but still wanting to have a great holiday every now and again, frequent flyers schemes can help reduce the cost of a holiday by a significant amount of hard-earned money. If you use schemes like these properly you might be surprised about how much money you can actually save just by doing things that you’d normally do anyway! Many of the large airlines in the UK offer some sort of deal in order to try to get more customers, once such company is British Airways (which gives you Avios points) which most people would fly with in the first place, so you’ve got nothing to lose by applying for a frequent flyers card. Signing up to join a frequent flyers programme is quite easy, all you need to do is give them some basic information like your name, address and other relevant details. When you’re signing up to a scheme like this we’d recommend that you choose the airline that you prefer flying with the most, since there’s no point not enjoying every flight that you take just so that you can get a few extra benefits. Even though some airlines might seem like they are better than others in relation to frequent flyers schemes we still think it’s a good idea to choose the airline that you like the best anyway. If you aren’t too sure whether you should sign up to such a scheme, here are a few reasons why frequent flyers schemes can really come in handy:

  • Earn For Shopping and Flying. When most people think about frequent flyer clubs they usually assume that you’ll only get any benefits from them if you are flying a lot (probably because of the name of the scheme). However, nearly all airlines will also allow you to get extra miles if you spend money in certain shops around the UK- which you’d more than likely be doing in the first place. For example, you can get BA (British Airways) miles (or Avios miles as they’re now called) from flying with them as well as by spending money in over 150 retailers, so you don’t just get rewarded for flying. This means that even if you don’t fly too often you still should have a think about signing up to something like this since you could end up getting a few free flights next time you’re going away.
  • Upgrade. Some people think that you can only use the points that you get from frequent flyer schemes to get a free flight every now and again but that’s not all that you can use your points for. You can also use these points in order to upgrade to business class or any other eligible class you want to be upgraded to. This is good for people that are used to flying without any of the added extras so that they can experience something new when they’re going away for a while. Why not treat yourself to first class if you have enough points for a reward like this?
  • Encourages You to Have a Break. These days it’s hard for people to even think about spending money on a holiday. However, if you sign up to a frequent flyers scheme you could get all of the flights for free which will encourage you to save a bit more money for accommodation and other little luxuries. We all deserve a break every now and again, so why not have a short break at a fraction of the price every year a two?

2 Responses to Frequent Flyers

  • Raja Mohamed says:

    Hi, I am a frequent passenger of Emirates- please send me a frequent flyers card.

    • admin says:

      Hi Raja, Just let Emirates know that you’d like to join their Skywards program next time you book with them and they’ll help you out.

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