Once you Join the BA Executive Club you will become a member of British Airways’ frequent flyer programme and you can start earning BA Miles when flying with British Airways or with any one of their Oneworld partner airlines. You will be rewarded with BA Miles and flying with British Airways and their partner airlines will become a most enjoyable experience.
Collect AirMiles with British AirwaysThe more you fly, the more benefits you get and you will have exclusive access to promotions and special offers not available anywhere else! Collect points to gain access to lounges and other exclusive British Airways exclusive deals and programs.
British Airways has a worldwide network of hotel, car rental, shopping and financial partners where you can also benefit from the BA Miles you have earned. You can also earn BA Miles with every purchase when you shop online at over 150 retailers.
The BA Executive Club Household Account program lets you invite up to six people in a household to join BA Executive Club. You can pool your BA Miles so that you can enjoy benefits with members of your household collectively. All members of a Household Account must permanently reside at the same residential address. Anyone, including children, can join a Household Account and each person will become a member of Executive Club, if they aren’t already.
You can purchase BA Miles to top-up your Executive Club balance or purchase more miles as a gift for another Executive Member.
You can even transfer up to 19,000 BA Miles per annum, for a slught surcharge, to another Executive Club member.

Why fly or shop without receiving any rewards? Collect BA Miles with British AirwaysThe BA Executive Club is a far more extensive loyalty program than you think! Become a BA Executive Club member today and start receiving BA Miles. The sooner you become a BA Executive Club Member the sooner you can reap the benefits.


Earn BAMiles when you fly with British Airways.

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