When you fly with Emirates, you earn Skywards Miles, basically, Airmiles or frequent flyer points for Emirates customers.

Skywards Miles are your currency when it comes to accessing the world of privileges and rewards offered by Skywards. You can earn and redeem Skywards Miles with Emirates or through their many global partners, including airlines, hotels, leisure and lifestyle, car rental and financial partners.

If you’ve always been interested in the benefits and rewards offered for your loyalty but despair when you read about how long it takes and what’s involved to get the actual rewards then the Skywards program might just change your mind! Around 30,000 miles could get you an upgrade to business class in one of the new A380′s which isn’t too bad considering the price quoted by travel agents and online. Emirates Business Class

Like many other flight reward programs, the Skywards program gives you tier miles as well as flight miles. The tier miles aren’t redeemable but do count towards your membership status. 25,000 tier miles currently gives you silver and 50,000 miles gives you gold status. Tier miles are accrued on the same base scale as flight miles. The benefits of gaining a higher tier are quite convincing, with quicker check-ins, lounge access (with a guest), other complimentary services as well as the Skywards unique ‘Opening Doors’ service. Gold and silver tiers are relatively similar in benefits but gold status gives better base mile conversions and even greater access to the Emirates network of complimentary services.

Flight miles are accrued every time you fly with Emirates, different fare types, membership tier status and partner airline agreements all influence the miles rewarded when you fly. These miles can be spent on great gifts from the Emirates airline online shop, seat upgrades and a myriad of other little perks from the Dubai-based airline. The one small niggle that many Skywards members report is that to spend your long/ hard-earned miles online from the UK means that you have to pay Dubai postage & packaging separately in cash.

Emirates Skywards Rewards- Lounges Overall, the service, perks, rewards and other complimentary services that you get by joining the Skywards program are hard to beat with many of the other flight loyalty programs.

Images © Emirates Airline

8 Responses to Emirates Skywards Club

  • Rachit Gupta says:

    I need a club card!

  • Rod Wilcock says:

    I would like to be a part of Emirates & join their flights clubcard so that i can earn skyward miles when i fly with them again. In November I flew with family to the uk and back.

  • Victoria Kaye says:

    I have booked flights to Mauritius in June with Emirates and have flown with Emirates in the past and would like to join the Skywards club and earn points. Please could you send me information and a card?

    • admin says:

      Victoria, please have a look at the Skywards (Emirates Airline loyalty scheme) pages for help and more info. Give Emirates a call- they’re generally very helpful. Hope this helps!

  • June says:

    Could you try and help me? I am trying to enter the Skywards club but cannot register as they do not take UK post codes?

    • admin says:

      Hi June, as far as I am aware you should be able to register for the Emirates Airlines Skywards program with a UK postcode. If you don’t have any luck with their website, you could try call their service centre- always very helpful when I’ve contacted them.

  • admin says:

    So excited! I’ve just booked a flight and got a great upgrade on one of their new A380′s! Definitely going to make use of the lounge access and the complimentary concierge:) Can’t wait, only been flying with Emirates for a couple of years!

  • Dr Martin Mannathoko says:

    I would like to be a frequent flyer member!

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