Loyalty cards are starting to be used more and more nowadays since many businesses want to try to make a person be a regular customer rather than just a once off customer. Businesses now understand the important of customer loyalty a lot clearer than before which is why they’ve introduced loyalty cards. A couple of years ago one large supermarket noticed that revenue increased by over a quarter just by implementing loyalty cards and ever since then other businesses have also followed suit. Although you might think that loyalty cards are just a bit of plastic that can’t be of much use to you, you may be surprised how many advantages there are if you have one of these little plastic cards. If you aren’t exactly sure what these advantages are, here are a couple of reasons why you should get one of them:

  • Save Money – Everybody likes to save money when they’re purchasing something in a shop, especially if they use that shop regularly. Many loyalty cards give allow you to gain a certain amount of points for every pound or so that you spend which can then be exchanged for money off vouchers and so on in the future. If you’re going to be spending a lot of money in that shop without a loyalty card, why not get one so that you’ll essentially get some free money after a couple of months? It might not be a huge amount of money, but at least it’s something!
  • Special Offers – Many businesses that offer loyalty cards also run special promotions which are only available if you are a loyalty card holder which is another advantage of having your own loyalty card. As well as this, since you will be basically telling the business what you’re spending your money on in their shop they’ll usually offer you goods or services that you’re actually interested in. Normally, most special offers are on things that you wouldn’t be interested in, but with a loyalty card you give the business an opportunity to offer you something that you’d probably be buying any way, so you really are saving money and not just buying something since it’s a little bit cheaper.
  • Better Treatment – Although most large brands treat all customers the same (as they should do) if you’re dealing with a smaller business they might treat you a bit better if they know that you’ve got a loyalty card and know that you’re a regular customer. For example, if you’re getting your hair done in a small hairdressers and the employees (or even the owner) knows that you’re a regular customer they might throw in something for free for you if you’re lucky.
  • Doesn’t Take A Lot Of Time – For some reason the majority of people assume that using a loyalty card every time you spend money in certain places takes up too much time and therefore it’s not worth using them. This isn’t true at all. Loyalty schemes are designed so that consumers don’t have to spend too much time in order to get something back. In a survey that was done only a few years ago, over half of the people said that they wonder if it’s worth the hassle because of the amount of time that it takes to get any rewards back. You’ve got to think about the bigger picture in this case, imagine the amount of money that you’d save if you had a loyalty card for every place that you spent money in! Even if you only got 1-2% back in return, that’s a good deal when all you need to do is carry around a small bit of plastic with you! Nearly 9 out of 10 people have at least one loyalty card so don’t be in the 10% of people that don’t bother with them.
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