Ever since Boots brought out their Advantage card back in 2007 it has continued to be extremely popular with their shoppers. The Boots advantage card is just like most other loyalty cards and clubcards, with the basic idea of helping their customers get points depending on how much they spend in their shops and so on. These points can then be redeemed so that you can buy items from their store which will allow you to either get the item for free or at a discount.


Here are some benefits of having a Boots advantage card:

  • Save Money . If you regularly shop in Boots then you should definitely get a Boots advantage card. Most loyalty cards will give you back around 1% of what you spend in their stores and so on, but with Boots you actually get a much better deal. For every £1 that you spend you’ll receive 4 points, and each point is worth one penny which means that you’ll get 4p back for every £1 that you spend. Over a period of a couple of months this really does add up!
  • Easy to Use. The Boots advantage card is very easy to use once you get the card. All you’ve got to do is give it to the cashier and that’s it really, it couldn’t be any simpler! As well as this, you can also collect points by shopping online once you’ve got an advantage card, so you can collect points wherever you are.
  • Recycle Gadgets. If you want to <a href=”http://www.bootsrecycle.com/consumer/”>recycle gadgets</a> but you’re not quite sure what site to use, then why not use the Boots recycle website? On this site you can recycle a wide range of gadgets, ranging from digital cameras to mobile phones. All you need to do is register on the site, send them your gadget and then you’ll have the points added to your account within a month. Once the points have been added you can start spending your points on whatever you want to buy from Boots. As a bonus, Boots also donate £1 to charity for every gadget that you send to them which is a bonus.
  • Parenting Club – You can also earn points by buying products from the parenting club that Boots run. You can earn up to 10 points for every £1 that you spend on this site, and they sell a lot of different products such as pushchairs, car seats for your child etc. This site isn’t just good for earning points on your Boots advantage card though, it’s also a very handy site for all parents since there is so much information on it. You can talk to other parents, read customer guides about everything like how to bottle feed, enter competitions to win some freebies plus a lot more!

2 Responses to Boots Advantage Card

  • Pamela Ames says:

    Whilst on holiday in Tenerife my wallet was stolen and I lost my Boots Advantage Card which I take with me to use in Gatwick Airport.
    Can this be replaced?

    • admin says:

      Pamela, thanks for your comment, I believe that you can easily get a new one either online or over the phone. Please go here to get a new one.

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