Loyalli: The Mobile Loyalty Network.

Loyalli is a revolutionary Smartphone app available on both iPhone and Android providing a simple but effective virtual, card stamp based loyalty programme for retailers and their customers. Simply click on the ‘Nearby’ feature to see which of your local retailers are registered – if you can’t find the one you are looking for, you can suggest them to be added to the network with a click of a button.

Free to use for both retailers and their customers, Loyalli is a secure and robust loyalty solution designed to either completely replace paper based loyalty cards or compliment existing schemes. Currently over 200 retailers across the UK are using Loyalli, many as their primary loyalty scheme. With full social media integration it allows you to share the places you love over Facebook and Twitter. New retailers are joining daily increasing Loyalli’s presence up and down the country.

The app was developed by a group of friends who hated having their wallets weighed down with loyalty cards and therefore never used them. Now you are able to carry them all in one place on something that is never left at home, your mobile phone!

With Loyalli, you will no longer miss out on great offers from your favourite retailers, simply scan the code at your favourite stores and watch you’re virtual wallet bulge with freebies! Retailers also receive a personal page to track the effectiveness of their loyalty scheme with real time statistical feedback.

Benefits include:
• Simple and engaging app design.
• Free for retailers and customers.
• Easy to sign-up and use for both retailers and customers.
• Vendors decide on their own unique offers and can track progress and trends online.
• No contract or POS technology required.
• Quick ‘stamping’ using QR code prevents delay at the till.
• Customers can share information about reward progress on social media sites.
• Security functionality built into the app prevents fraud.

Loyalli Mobile Loyalty App

To find out more or view a demo of Loyalli, you can visit www.loyalli.com.
To sign up, go to www.loyalli.com/register.
Twitter: @Loyalli
Facebook: Loyalli

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