So, Tesco is partly famous for it’s extensive supermarket chain in the UK and partly for the success of it’s loyalty program, commonly referred to as the clubcard scheme. They have closely linked their program deals and promotions with just about all of their products, both instore and online. You basically earn points (Tesco Clubcard Points) for every interaction with the store.

Tesco Clubcard Loyalty Info

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Tesco were one of the very first companies to bring in any type of loyalty card or clubcard. The company originally started to look at the potential of clubcards back at the start of the 1990’s. Not too long after this, Tesco released their clubcard to the public and ever since then it has been used by people all over the United Kingdom, not to mention other countries such as Ireland! Back in 2010, there were around 16 million people that used their clubcard and we assume that the number of people using it is even higher now! If you don’t currently use the clubcard that Tesco offers and you’re not sure whether it’s worth signing up to, here are just some of the advantages of signing up to it:
Money Back – Let’s face it, pretty much everyone in the UK has done their shopping in Tesco at some stage. Even if you only go to Tesco once a week to do your shopping, it’s definitely worth joining their clubcard scheme so that you can get some money back on your shopping. If you have a Tesco clubcard, you’ll receive one point for every £1 that you spend in their stores – whether that store is in London, Manchester etc. You’ll get vouchers sent to your house every month or two, but you must have at least 150 points to get a voucher (this would be a £1.50 voucher).


  • Special Offers. When you receive vouchers from Tesco, you’ll usually receive some other vouchers which will allow you to get extra points for buying certain products. You might think that you wouldn’t usually buy these products in the first place, but Tesco try to find products that you’d be interested in which is great. For example, you might get a voucher with something like “Get 100 clubcard points when you buy Kellogg’s Coco Pops”.
  • Clubcard Rewards. If you don’t want to spend the vouchers that you get to purchase groceries and so on, then you should check out clubcard rewards. Thanks to clubcard rewards, you can increase the value of the vouchers that you’ve earned. For example, you can exchange £5 worth of vouchers for £25 worth of “Great Days Out” tokens. So, why not treat yourself to something special?
  • Green Clubcard Points. Green clubcard points are quite new, and they give people the opportunity to earn points without spending a penny! All you’ve got to do in order to earn green clubcard points is re-use a bag in store; by doing this you’ll receive one point. It mightn’t sound like a lot, but as Tesco says: Every little helps. However, you don’t get points for re-using bags in Wales at the moment unfortunately. You can also earn more green clubcard points by recycling old mobile phones, ink cartridges and so on. Each and every green clubcard point that you earn is worth the same as a “normal” Tesco clubcard point by the way!

Buy instore and earn points, use your Tesco Mobile phone and earn points, insure your car, you guessed it, earn points. By integrating a loyalty scheme that rewards consumers for almost every concievable daily purchase, centered around a successful brand has allowed Tesco to lead the way in terms of loyalty programs.

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  • Jemma says:

    Tesco club card is great! Just last week I received a letter from tesco’s saying with all your points you have collected you have now gained £28! Wow! It sure saved me a lot of cash.

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