Your Watershed Loyalty Card means that you can see all the best international, independent films at Watershed as usual but that also, just by sitting back and relaxing in the cinema, you can earn points towards free films.
Sign up here and start collecting points today!

How it Works:
It’s easy to collect points. Each time you come to Watershed to see a film, bring your card with you and we will bank your points into your account. Earn points from each film you see which can be redeemed for free cinema tickets. For every pound you spend on cinema tickets, we will add 10 points to your account. Before long you’ll have saved up enough points to catch a film for free!

The Details:
Earn 10% in points of the value of each ticket you buy, so for example with every £7.00 ticket you buy you earn 70 points, with every £4.50 ticket you buy you earn 45 points. You need to accrue 450 points for a full price matinee screening or 700 points to see a full price,  evening screening.

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