Welcome to Clubcard.info. Over the years, clubcards and loyalty cards have become increasingly popular in the UK with superstores such as Tesco and Boots having deeply entrenched rewards and collection programs. These programs typically work by rewarding shoppers for a). their continued loyalty and b). access to their shopping habit data and profile with the store.
As an avid follower of most of these schemes, I don’t have a massive issue with shops and stores collecting data from my shopping habits. For a start I’d much rather receive vouchers and coupons throughout the year that I might actually use rather than the ones for nappies or baby formula! I also have a fairly regular spending pattern when it comes to groceries throughout the year and inevitably go to the same store, great if that store just happens to be a Tesco. A simple swipe of a brightly coloured card and soon the points/ rewards add up.
If you’re a die-hard fan of these schemes you might be able to get a little extra for almost every pound that you spend. Have a look around this site for info on these programs and drop me an email if you’d like to let me know of one that I’ve missed out.

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