So, I’ve been doing a little research today and read up about the Tesco Clubcard credit card to see if it was worth getting one for the extra points. Presently you get 1 point for every £4 that you spend, as well as the points for the actual purchase. I’m a fan of online shopping and usually get stuff from Tesco and pay with my debit card but for a little extra effort, I suppose I could use a Clubcard credit card. The theory goes that I’d do my usual online grocery shop, without bags (for the green points!), then pay with my Clubcard credit card. Pay off the balance a few days later (might as well, to avoid interest), as though I’d paid with my debit card. Doing it this way should equate to an extra 50p in vouchers every month- not a massive amount but if you’re an avid points and rewards collector then it adds to the pot. If anyone has got some other tips they’d like shared here then let us know.

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